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Michelle Sarro - WE DID IT! My partner and I were so nervous on sale day because even thought we had number 69 and had 27 choices picked out. #'s 67 and 68 took the last 2 remaining models we were after. But when it was all said and done we decided to go for the unit that was pushing our budget. We ACTUALLY got the choice we originally signed up for. This was even GREATER than getting our first choice because ever since the presale we were settling on the stacked home. Even though camping in a garage wasn't something i wanted to do. I LOVED the experience. I know who lives right beside me and Iíve met SOOO many other people that got what they wanted and we canít wait to start our life in the home we've wanted and in a community with SO many great people! Congrats to everyone who got something! And to those who didn't, i hope you still got something out of the experience! OH YA! And thanks to Adam, Sam, Don, Penny, and EVERYONE ELSE! You were all so supportive and helpful! We couldn't have stayed this positive without all your help!

Marta Cichocka - I completely agree garage roomie. The experience will be one I will never forget and the Daniels team rocks!

Aarron Ross - Congrats to every 1 that got and sorry to those who didn't ..... Just want to say thanks to Don, Sam, Angie and most of all Adam you guys were great !!!

Marta Cichocka - Bought my first home today and got my first pick. Itís been a tough 3 weeks but oh so worth every minute. Met some great people in line who will now be my neighbours. Thank you Adam, Penny, Don and the entire Daniels team for all your support and encouragement. You made it all easier for us!

Kristina May - Was definitely worth it.. after all the planning we made for a stacked we ended up with a traditional. I can't wait to start our life together in our new home? ... I also have to say it was a blast camping out and getting to know the soon to be neighbors kind of makes me feel as if we already live there lol. Thanks to everyone at Daniels and the Public, everything went smoothly with no drama (kind of expected some minor issue but it was all good) Though we're in debt now for life we couldn't be happier lol. Congrats to all new homeowners, see you soon!

Gillian Graham - Wow it is finally over. I wonder what it will be like not having to worry when the next role call is lol...... I got my 2nd pick and i am soo excited i can't wait to move in :)

Hema Poonith-Rajesh - We were #107 in the line and got our 13th choice...very happy indeed!!! We would like to thank Adam and Daniels team for excellent customer service. The 2Br condo we purchased looks great and we were surprised how sound proof it was with all windows closed.

The proud owner of a G2, Raluca Pop - Hello Everybody, The exhaustion of buying a house has finally passed and I would like to extend my appreciation to all of you for making this experience an unforgettable one.
When I attended the preview at Destination Drive Phase One last year, I knew right then and there that I wanted to live in a Daniels house. I usually embrace the modern style and I am a single mother so the stacked houses really appealed to me from the design point of view as well as their price. I wasn't sure that the way Daniels sells these houses is one of the best though. I heard people talking how very difficult it was to camp on the job site and I even saw them in their tents. I didn't know if I could manage the same thing.
My desire of owning a G2 grew as I watched the houses rise when I was driving by them on my way home from work. Early January I started calling your office trying to get more information on the location, community, price, availability. In the beginning, most of the times I talked to Adam who was not only very knowledgeable but also very patient, helpful and friendly. He took the time to get to know me as a future Daniels home buyer and made me feel welcome and not embarrassed for calling every week (ha-ha).
In time, I slowly got to know more members of Daniels staff who "handled" me with the same pleasant approach. I am sure you all know how much stress buying a house involves and I know for sure I wasn't always composed during this whole process, but you need to know that I am very grateful to all of you for helping me and others sail smoothly through this experience.
My friends told me I was crazy to sleep in my car for two nights so that I wouldn't miss any rolls calls, they said I was insane for lining up in order to buy a house as there were so many others out there for sale. What can I say? I once fell in love with a G2 and from that moment on I knew I had to have it.
What I was really impressed with was the dedication of people working at Daniels, the fact that they were on site very early in the morning ready to answer any questions with a smile on their faces til late at night, always armed with an encouraging word for the people camping inside the community. You showed us, the potential buyers, that you cared and appreciated our dedication to the dream of owning a Daniels home. The dinners were also a nice touch and very welcome, thank you.
With all these being said, I would like to wish you all a nice summer and a as good of an experience with the next sale this coming fall. I am sure it's going to be a huge success just like Destination Drive Phase Two was! You have an amazing team, Daniels! Best regards.

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